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List of stock photo-works and samples

I offer creative and professional photography services in Prague as well as all over the Czech Republic and Europe. My studio is fully equipped with Digital Canon EOS 1DS Mark II and Analog Mamiya, Hasselblad, Linhof and Silvestri cameras, Broncolor lighting flash system, strobes and all range of equipment. From original Swiss Bron soft boxes, hazy light, umbrellas for the best possible results. Custom tailored slides, high resolution scan or digital photos to your needs: ready for printing, slide shows for corporate presentations or any other type of congresses and convents.

In this section you can find detailed informations on photo stock archives:

Architectural, Documentary, Events, Conference, Fashion, Corporate, Portraits, Commercial, Stock, European culture, Prague, Czech Republic, Photojournalism and fine art photography.

If you drop on photo that you would like to use, please email me for price. All images on this site are copyrighted and legally protected from unauthorized use.

19th century cathedrale, St Barbora Czech republic, Europe
19th century architecture in Prague centre
Detail of St.Barbora Prague Czech republic, Europe
A daily life in centre of Prague, tourists in Charles Bridge
A festive and colorful street vendor who
A rare wooden portal, one of the oldest in the city
Adolf Loos study center Vila Muller, Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Adrspach waterfall and rocks formation in Czech republic
Aerial view of Prague
American flag hanging in American Embassy in Prague
American tourists in the city centre, Prague
An old painting on the ceiling of Church, Prague, Czech republic
Antique car used for sightseeing in Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
Antique watch in Cubist gallery
Arch entrance to the .... many historical monuments and buildings
Archaleogical Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
Arched passage in the centre
Art nude male body statue
Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall Tower, Prague, Czech Republic
Austria stock images
Austria capital Vienna stock photo
Balloon flying over Prague
Bank building in Karlsbad, famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Beer at Golden Tiger in Prague, Pivo u Zlateho Tygra
Beer drinkers at Golden Tiger in Prague, Pivari u Zlateho Tygra
Beer glass, original Pilsen beer glass
Bilek house, Prague, Czech Republic
Boat trip in Prague
Boat on Vltava river
Boat restaurant
Boat with tourists on Vltava River, Prague, Czech Republic
Buildings and street lamp
Buildings in Karlsbad, the famous czech spa town of Karlovy Vary
Buildings in the Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
Buildings in the Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic
Buildings on the Vltava river. From the Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague, Czech Republic
Casanova's castle of Dux, Bohemia
Casanova's castle photo of now called Duchcov, Czech Republic
Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, born 2nd April 1725 died 4th June 1798 ( portrait photo )
Castle Duchcov Casanova
Changing of Castle guards. Prague Castle main entrance
Charles Bridge commissioned by Charles IV in 1357 built by Peter Parler
Charles Bridge with St. Vitus's Cathedral in background. Prague, Czech Republic
Christmas tree in Prague's Old town
Church bell Crete, Greece
Church bells Greece
Church entrance, Crete, Greece
Church with orange tree, Crete, Greece
Church Czech Republic
Clouds and sunset
Cloudy mountain peak Crete Greece
Couple walking in Prague, Czech Republic
Couple walking on the beach at sunset
Cubism clock
Cubism porcelain
Cubism house in Prague


Czech photo gallery
Czech pictures gallery
Czech photographer based in Prague
Czech professional photographer
Czech Republic Prague
Czech stock photography
Czech studio photographer, Prague
Czech glas and glasproduction photo
Czech local pub and beer drinker photo
Czech town city village photo gallery
Daily tour boat on Vltava river, Prague
Daily boat trip, Prague
Dead Sea
Decor details on fasade
Decorative entrance to ...
Decorative Cubistic fasade
Decorative glass
Detail of an old car
Door and windows, Creete, Greece
Door decor Greece
Door handle
Durnstein famous town lies in Wachau Valley near Vienna. It is well known also for the Danube Bike Trail. To find out more information follow the link: http://www.duernstein.at
Driver at Old Town Oldtimes are used for sightseeing, Prague, Czech republic
Duchcov Castle Casanova
Entrance to the Prague castle
famous Casanova chair with rose
Famous Casanova's Chair - The chair upon which Casanova died
Fairy chimneys natural formation in Cappadocia, central Anatolia, Turkey
Fairy chimneys with baloon flzing over
Female sculture by Bilek
Female torso
Fisherman on boat Crete, Greece
Fishing boat
Fine Art Photo Prague
Flower detail
Fortress ruin
Glass shop in Celetna street Prague
Graffiti in Prague
Graffiti on Lennon wall in Prague
Graffiti in Prague undergroun
Guard at the Prague Castle main entrance
Guards Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Hare Krishna parading in the Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
Hare Krishna old town street, Prague, Czech Republic
Head detail
Head of a horse marble statue
Head of a Kouros, marble statue in Archaelogical Museum Berlin
House of sculturor Bilek, Prague, Czech Republic
Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic
Interior of Bilek house, Prague, Czech Republic
Jewish cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic
Jordan (click to Jordanian stock photo images section)
Jordan Petra
Jordan Wadi Rum
Karlstejn perhaps the best known castle in Bohemia, Build by Charles IV in 1348 - 1357
Krivoklat was a small hunting castle located in deep Rakovnik forests in Bohemia. King Premysl Otakar II converted the castle to stone fortress. Gothic interiors and late gothic carving.
Lidice Memorial Museum
Lidice Memorial, village situated between Prague Kladno destroyed by Nazis on June 1942
Lion's gate
Light reflection on water
Male nude by photographer Jan Kruml, studio nude
Male art nudes stock photo
Male and female nude
Museum of Czech Cubism Kubista
Bodrum, Turkey
Mosaic of The Last Judgement from 14th century St. Vitus's Cathedral in Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Mosque Istanbul Turkey
Mount Nebo
Museum of Anatolian Civilisations Ankara Turkey, European Museum of the Yaear Award 1997
Museum of Islamic Art Istanbul Turkey Eski hali images, Old Carpet photo
National theatre was founded on the bank of Vltava river in 1868
Night view
Night view of St.Vitus's Cathedral and Prague Castle
Night view of St.Vitus's Cathedral Prague Castle and the Vltava river. Prague, Czech Republic
Nude in Prague centre
Nude, Prague, czech republic
Nuns at Greek Orthodox Church
Old building
Old door
Old house
Old fisherman
Old building, Crete, Greece
Old stone houses
Old olive
Old olive wood
Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague, Czech Republic
Old Town Clock Tower Calendar Prague, Czech Republic
Old Town Hall Astronomical Clock and Calendar. Prague, Czech Republic
Old Town Hall Astronomical Clock. Prague, Czech Republic
Old tram in Prague
Panoramic image of Prague
Panoramic view of city of Prague
People at the street
People having coffee and tea in a cafe overlooking the marina and the castle
Petrin hill
Petrin hill Prague little Eifel tower
Petrin hill cable car - lanova draha
Petrin hill Nebozizek restaurant
Petrin hill observatory and statue
Photographer taking pictures
Photographing on a boat trip, Gramvousa, Crete, Greece
Photographers and model
Photographers in Jan kruml workshop
Prague bridges, the architectural jewels on Vltava river
Prague by night
Prague by day
Prague Fine Art, Stock Photo from Prague
Prague old square house facade
Puppets souvenirs, Prague, Czech Republic
Red tram in Prague, Czech Republic
Reflection on car
Reflection on water
Restaurant menu at Hluboka castle, Czech Republic
Restaurant menu and flowers at Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
Rock formations
Rose Garden at Lidice Memorial
River boat carrying tourists on Vltava River from Charles Bridge
Rudolfinum best concert hall in Prague. Build in 1876 - 1884 Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Classicism style
Sail boat
Sailboat, Creete, Greece
Sailboat, Island, Greece
Sculpture on Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
Sculpture feemale torso in the Hluboka Castle
Sculpture of Virgin Mary
Sculpture of Charles IV, Prague, Czech Republic
Souvenir shop, Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
Stained glass
Stained glass window in the
Stained glass window inside St.Vitus's Cathedral Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Stained glass window made by Alfons Mucha St.Vitus's Cathedral Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Statue of Charles IV
Statue St.george outside St.Vitus's Cathedral Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Strahov Monastery founded in 1140 in Prague, Czech Republic
Street musicians playing at Prague, Czech Republic
Street musicians playing at Charles Bridge Prague, Czech Republic
Street musicians playing at Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic
Street painters on Charles Bridge
Street paintings on Charles Bridge
Subway train in New York City, USA
Taxi driver Prague, Czech Republic
Taxi driver istanbul, Turkey
Taxi driver Sivas, Turkey
The Golden Snake (U Zlateho hada) middle 18 century, Prague, Czech Republic
The Old Jewish Cemetery 15th century, Prague, Czech Republic
The Yale Alley Cats in Savoy Hotel - Prague
Tourists at the Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Traditional beer glass
Turkey historical sites and daily live images and photographs
Turkey historical city images Konya, Sivas, Kars, Ani, Istanbul, Nemrut, Bodrum, Antalya, photographs
Turkey Islam images and praying photographs
Vienna Austria capital photo
Vienna's dominant St.Stephan Cathedral at night
Vienna's world famous Opera
View of Prague from the Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Vila Muller, Prague from the Prague Castle, Czech Republic
Vineyards at Duernstein with castle ruins on the top of the hill
Wadi Rum (Jordan)
Water photo
Waterfall in Bohemia


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