Jan Kruml - Czech Digital Photographer
Professional Photo Studio in Prague, Czech

Tel.: (+420) 602133433
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I offer creative and Professional photography services in Prague as well as all over the Czech Republic and Europe. My studio is fully equipped with Digital Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 1DS Mark II and Analog Mamiya, Hasselblad, Linhof and Silvestri panorama cameras, Broncolor and Hensel lighting flash system, strobes and all range of equipment. From original Swiss Bron soft boxes, hazy light, umbrellas for the best possible results. Custom tailored slides, high resolution scan or digital photos to your needs: ready for printing, slide shows for corporate presentations or any other type of congresses and convents.



Freelance assignment
Working all around the world
Wide range of service
Time & place flexibility
Digital photography of all kinds
Full equipment of photographer
Individual prices (up to the order)
Fluent in English, French, Czech


Outputs & score

Any output is possible to any score.
All depands up to the order.

Photos: normal, panoramatic, specific size
Closed format: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
Opened format: PDF, RAW, PSD, EPS
Record: CD, DVD, USB
Print: on any paper (up to the order)
Others: billboards (common materials)


I have all photo components of high quality (well-known brand marks for professionals).

For example:

  • digital camera
  • set of lens objectives
  • set of color filters
  • stand for camera


Prices & fees

All prices (e.g. service, photo, material) and fees (e.g. transport, accomodation, penalty, entrance, admission fee, taxes etc.) depands up to the order.

After recieving of all details about the contract, total price will be calculated and transfered via agreed way.

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